5 Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Roof Leaks

We are constantly trying to find easy understandable tips for homeowners on the proper care and feeding of their roofs, below id a great article we found on GAF roofing’s blog, enjoy!   One of the most common and costly issues homeowners call on a contractor for is to fix a leaky roof. Not surprisingly, most» Read More

Things to know about your roofing contractor!

Roof replacement isn’t something to take lightly, it’s costly and it protects everything in your home that you hold near and dear to you. When choosing a contractor there are several things  you need to think about and in this day and age the internet makes that extremely easy to do!! After all in most» Read More

Alaska Home Magazine – Ask the Expert: Roofs and snow loads

Q: Should I be worried about snow build-up on my roof? How much is too much snow on my roof? There is no simple answer to this question; the condition of your home and the condition of your roof play a large part in how well your homes fares an Alaska winter. A typical snow» Read More

November is the month to give thanks…..

As 2015 draws to a close and Thanksgiving is running up on us at a high rate of speed it seems as though now is the proper time for reflection on the past year.  As a company we have had a great year to be thankful for, it has nothing to do with being profitable yet» Read More

Mysterious new roof leaks in the fall.

Your roof has been functioning perfectly and then out of nowhere you notice a drip or stain, often times in the fall we experience leaks that are the product of wind driven rain.  This could explain why your roof doesn’t leak every time it rains, rain propelled by wind has a tendency to blow horizontally» Read More

Mentoring the future!

We have some of the best roofers in the state, we may be bias but when you can have two employees take a group of high school kids and teach them and have a great time while doing so it is nothing short of rewarding! We had the pleasure of helping the kids in the» Read More

What does being an Alaskan company mean?

At Rain Proof Roofing it’s not all about the roofs and our customers, being an Alaskan company is as unique as being an Alaskan.  We try hard to be active from the ground up and out, we know that our field employees (roofers) are an integral part of what makes our company successful.  It’s important» Read More

Protecting your investment.

The short Alaskan summer months fly by because we are out enjoying the midnight sun, the fish in the rivers and streams and camping along the beach relishing the last moments of summer. Unfortunately we leave our exterior home projects on the back burner because the front door no longer has that cold draft or the ice is no longer backing» Read More

2015 Anchorage Home & Remodeling Show

Rain Proof Roofing would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at the 2015 Anchorage Home & Remodeling Show, it is always a pleasure to see faces new and old, talk about a project we may have completed for you and to discuss any roofing work to be done with new clients.  We» Read More

Spring has sprung in Alaska!

Spring in Alaska is an interesting time…to rake or not to rake? Will it snow in April? Do we buy a new house or upgrade what we currently own? The Anchorage housing market is funny at best right now with a lower than normal inventory that leaves current homeowners looking to upgrade in a pickle.» Read More