How important is your roof?

It seems like a silly question but the importance of a healthy roof is extremely important and often overlooked as it is not something you see, it’s responsible for keeping the sun off of you in the summer, the wind and rain in the fall, snow & ice in the winter and often snow in the spring as well.  Your roof protects your business, your family, your pets, those mementos you have been collecting as well as all the other items you have invested your hard earned money into. A leaky roof can cause mold and rot and as time goes on it becomes more expensive to repair, left long enough structural damage may happen along with interior damage. As fall bares down on Alaska and the daylight turns to darkness remember your roof and all it does for you along with what it protects and get those missing shingles replaced or the edges on your hot tar roof sealed before it becomes a large expensive task to take on and a small repair turns into sheetrock, paint and wood replacement.