Mentoring the future!

IMG_0601.JPG_resizedWe have some of the best roofers in the state, we may be bias but when you can have two employees take a group of high school kids and teach them and have a great time while doing so it is nothing short of rewarding! We had the pleasure of helping the kids in the Bartlett High School Construction Program put roofs on the baseball dugouts they engineered and constructed. It was a treat to be able to talk to these kids about safety and the means and methods needed to complete a roofing project, watching them walk through the various steps from drying the roof to installation of the rubber membrane and then the detail work of installing the metal was a great experience. It was also neat to stand back and watch them admire their work and talk about how when they attend baseball games at their school they will be able to say “hey I built that”. It’s great to have young people interested in using their hands to learn a trade that may one day provide a living for their families. Again thank you to our great employees for their patience, sharing of their knowledge and showing the students how hardworking professionals do it.