What does being an Alaskan company mean?

Boys & Girls ClubAt Rain Proof Roofing it’s not all about the roofs and our customers, being an Alaskan company is as unique as being an Alaskan.  We try hard to be active from the ground up and out, we know that our field employees (roofers) are an integral part of what makes our company successful.  It’s important for us to know who they are, where they come from, what their family dynamic is and what their long-term goals are.  We find opportunities to help them grow in their field with training, we take great pride in our employees as well as their accomplishments outside of the Rain Proof doors.  We also know the importance of community, it’s important to give back to the communities that have helped make us successful. We believe it’s important to reach out and find an organization that embodies something that you are passionate about whether it be environmental, athletics, Alaska’s youth, friends of pet’s or the arts there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community and lend a hand to make where we live a better place. Many organizations have a need for volunteers like Elder Helpers, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s,  Anchorage Parks & Recreation, Cancer Resource Center & Watch the Wild just to name a few. There is always a need for blood donation as well.  We at Rain Proof invest in Alaska’s youth as we know that the success of Alaska’s future will ride on the up and coming generations. We sponsor youth sports teams, pageants, scholarship opportunities and participate proudly in Camp Fire as well as the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  Reach out to your community and make a difference!