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Rain Proof Roofing takes pride in being one of Alaska’s largest and premier roofing companies. Rain Proof Roofing is incorporated in Alaska as RPR Inc. Since opening in 1962, Rain Proof has remained Alaskan-owned and -operated. Our company offers decades of experience, knowledge, manufacturer relationships and construction expertise.  Our offices are located in Anchorage and Wasilla. We provide statewide roofing services including remote projects with logistical complexities and weather challenges.


Rain Proof’s owners and principals are actively involved in company management, daily operations, safety programs and quality control. Owners supervise all jobs and job-related activities. Officers include President Brion Hines, Vice President Jason Dial, Vice President Christopher Reilly, and Corporate Secretary-Treasurer and Safety Officer Misty Stoddard.


Brion Hines has 28 years with Rain Proof, 17 as commercial superintendent. Stoddard, also Rain Proof’s safety manager, has 27 years. Dial, also the light commercial and residential superintendent has 18 years. Chris Reilly has 23 years Alaska roofing experience joining Rain Proof in 2014.



A safe, injury-free workplace is as important as workmanship and quality. Rain Proof’s safety commitment includes identifying hazards, educating our employees, training for safety and expecting compliance. Rain Proof Roofing maintains a drug-free workplace. All construction employees are drug- and -alcohol tested before employment. Quarterly drug testing is random and all post-incident/ testing- for-cause policies are reviewed with employees.


Rain Proof requires foreman, superintendents and project managers to attend our preseason safety and prevention seminar. Employees review and practice state, industry and regulatory standards, and operation procedures. Topics include proper barricades, fire watch, fall prevention, equipment safety, MSDS Manuals, incident reporting and job-site security. Every new Rain Proof employee completes and passes a five-hour, intensive safety class. The class teaches prevention, situational awareness, job site familiarity and incident reporting procedures. Weekly safety meetings between management and field crews include identifying specific job site safety needs, reviewing Job Hazard Analysis assessments, and (verifying) documenting jobsite safety inspections.


Within the last five years Rain Proof received the ConocoPhillips Health and Safety Excellence Award and the Wells Fargo Excellence in Safety Award. Rain Proof’s 2018 EMR rate is .85.


Rain Proof Roofing owns and maintains all necessary roof application machinery and tools. Our fleet includes 57 lift trucks, dump trucks, flatbeds and pickups. Accessory equipment includes dump beds, man baskets, container trailers, asphalt kettles and truck-mounted cranes. Current forklift inventory includes standard forklifts, all-terrain forklifts, and reach forklifts. All equipment is serviced and inspected meeting FMCSA, OSHA and DOT safety standards. Rain Proof Roofing employees are trained and certified on relevant job site equipment.


Rain Proof issues individual, complete safety kits and tools to all new roofers. These kits include harnesses, kneepads, tie-off ropes and roofing tools. Our roofers are immediately prepared and ready to work.

Quality Assurances & Control

Superior workmanship includes roof longevity and extended, valuable warranties. Understanding, installing, inspecting and meeting contractual requirements at every stage assures this outcome. Rain Proof Roofing's proven communication practices, technical expertise and cohesive project teams guarantee quality roofing systems. 


Rain Proof is a certified (4) Master Contractor and (6) Partner in Quality Award recipient with Firestone Building Products. Rain Proof received the distinguished Firestone Inner Circle of Quality award for installing a minimum four warranted Firestone systems in each of the last five years, achieving a Quality Incident Rating of 2.0 or less.  


Carlisle Building Products awarded Rain Proof the Carlisle Centurion Award, the Carlisle 250 Hall of Fame and the Carlisle 500 Hall of Fame for consistently perfect roof installations. Recently Rain Proof received national ranking for Carlisle’s Perfect 10N Award. This achievement recognizes Rain Proof in the top 5% of American and Canadian roofing companies performing exceptional installation quality and warranty performance.


Rain Proof received the construction industry award 2014 Excellence in Construction from the Associated General Contractors Alaska Chapter for the Natural Pantry project, and was recently nominated for the (Shemya Hangar). We’re proud of the positive attention and national recognition our projects bring to Rain Proof Roofing, our subcontractors and the State of Alaska. 

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